What if…

What if…  Your computer, laptop, wireless network, Kindle, TV, cellphone all just worked the way you wanted them to?

What if… When something went wrong, you had a friendly support number to call – someone who could get things back in shape for you, just the way you want?

What if… You had great advice and support for choosing new equipment and services? From features to consider in new products, to purchasing, delivery and set-up, right through to migrating your precious info – email, contacts, photos, bookmarks, documents, channel preferences – into the new system?

What if… You had your own personal technology consultant – someone who will LISTEN to what you need, and stick with you, advocate for you with service providers and retailers, and give you all the coaching you need to make the most out of all the technology that enriches our lives?


SILVER TECHNOLOGY SYSTEMS is a non-profit organization registered in Maryland, with the mission of providing consulting and coaching services to seniors in our community, and yours.

STS is an IRS certified 501(c)(3) non-profit, and donations to help support our mission are tax-deductible.  Please contact us if you would like help support our mission, or donate directly through the easy Paypal link for donations on lower right hand side of our screen.