Smart phone?

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There is a world of wonder available for “smart-phone” users. But it would help to be able to see the keypad, and the texts that come in.

If you are still on the fence about smart-phones, I would recommend taking one of three strategies:

First: If you have a child/grandchild who always has the new thing, check to see whether you could afford to buy the same phone they currently have (or one they’ve recently had). Then, assuming your kids are as nice as you’ve raised them to be, you will have built in personal support. Sounds devious, but I can’t tell you how many things I’ve learned from my daughter. When they update – you update – and they will still be able to help. This might not be affordable, but if it comes close to affordable for you, remember how much nicer it would be to get help from your grandaughter for free, rather than paying a service charge to the clerk at the retail place.

Second: If you only need to get phone calls, text messaages and voicemail – just buy a cheap phone. You do not need to have a contract. There are many reputable sellers who don’t require a contract. You would want to look for a phone with a keypad that is usable for your fingers and your eyesight. One tip: iPads, which many of us use as eBook readers, can be used like phones. That larger size might be very helpful.

Third: Check out a disposable phone. This sounds crazy, I know, but there are “disposable” phones… they are sometimes called “burner phones” in spy novels. They are meant for filling the need for a phone when you aren’t ready to commit to a contract or provider. They are totally legitimate (despite the connotation of “burner phone”), and the benefit to you is to just get a phone quickly without signing a 2 year contract. You should never feel pressured to renew a contract for phone service, period. I know we all tend to just renew, thinking it is the only choice – but it isn’t! So, consider this option along with the others.

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