National Day of Civic “Hacking”

Our group of volunteers has been working today as part of the “National Day of Civic Hacking“.

This kind of “hacking” isn’t breaking in. Instead, it is putting together resources (data, people, ideas), to help our community.

We would love to hear about your experience/ideas regarding seniors and technology, barriers to technology adoption, seniors and social isolation and/or loneliness, seniors and medical monitoring devices.

What do you see in your community of family, friends, neighbors?

3 thoughts on “National Day of Civic “Hacking”

  1. Our day at Civic Hacking is drawing to a close – many good ideas for future work.

    Still some time to get ideas in.

    And our comment period remains open.

  2. Good Hearing aid technology is ridiculously expensive… and from what I gather not all that good at its best. Headphones , although generally cumbersome, can provide better overall hearing. I have noticed that headphones these days (mostly) don’t allow you to turn up/down each ear separately. Perhaps a complete system with microphone to collect and channel room conversations while wearing, and also integrated phone with simple touch button operation which also provides emergency response call option. Of course reasonably priced for a fixed income… perhaps a rental with ease of component replacement.

    1. Thanks, Keven. This really is an important area. From my own family experience, the expense after a try or two in the past (especially those one or two or three aren’t successful) scares people away from even trying again. It’s hard to convey that “technology might’ve advanced since the last time, so don’t be too reluctant to try again”. Also I think half of my 50-something friends have hearing loss – not just seniors. Other comments about this area?

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