About us

Silver Technology Systems (STS) is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit in Maryland that was created to fill a gap in computer and technology consulting services for senior citizens and others who need (or would just prefer) a more personalized and user friendly experience than is generally available with service providers like “Geek Squad”.

Our services are personalized to fit your needs, and can include any combination of the following:

  • troubleshooting current system(s)
  • evaluating options for maintaining existing system or creating a new system that fulfills all of your needs at the lowest price point available
  • software/hardware upgrades for existing systems, if needed or desired, and placing the order on behalf our client – you!
  • delivering, installing, configuring, testing, and instructional training for day-to-day use for any new systems you select
  • ongoing support/maintenance of all systems, through a combination of phone support, in-home visits, and/or remote access support.

Our mission: We aim to relieve the stress of dealing with computer systems and internet services by using a combination of plain language and sensitivity to the client’s level of familiarity with technology and terms, all with sensitivity to ease of use and the comfort level of each client. We want to help ensure that our seniors stay “connected”!

You may be tech-savvy yourself, but want to arrange a local service for your parent or loved one, since you can’t be there in person. We can set that up too!

Remember: STS was created to remove obstacles, especially frustration and stress, from our clients’ experience of technology, so that they can fully benefit from, and enjoy, what technology has to offer.

Tell us what we can do for you!