STS Team Discussions

Team STS Volunteers: Please feel free to start discussions (which this software calls ‘topics’) on this board.

Feel free to use for things like:

  • Brainstorming or getting peer feedback on a project idea
  • Requesting help from peers (or Karin) when stuck on something
  • Sharing information about hardware/software evaluations
  • Sharing information about research on seniors and technology, or seniors in isolation
  • Suggesting an idea for a blog post
  • Asking a teammate to review a blog post, or contribute to a blog post
  • Sharing information about potential grant opportunities
  • Sharing stories about your interactions with seniors in your life

[Note: This is a closed group – only our team has the link to register/login to this page. So, please don’t share that link.]

Attached is a template volunteers can use if they are drafting a review of a device or other product/software.

Template for Device:Service:Website review

No need to keep the formatting – this template is just to help you organize your post. Just write in paragraph form. You should feel free to add pictures and links. This is just an outline of things that will help posts look consistent and easy to understand, and just help you to get started.

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